Our V I S I O N

The core element to the Lightspeed initiative is the experience -based learning facility. An expansion of the Project SPACE concept, the Lightspeed facility includes:

Earth and Space Biomes Teach children the Earth and Life sciences through hands-on exploration of living desert, rainforest and ocean biomes and then apply that knowledge to Space exploration.

Applied Science Classrooms Multi-purpose areas that apply the real-life experience of science through engaging activities like robotics and rocketry.

Interactive Exhibits Create public attractions and activities that both raise awareness and interest in science and promote the facility's educational functions.

Online Component Provide online accessible materials, instruction and resources that complement the learning experience.

Course Products Based on the Lightspeed learning philoso phy develop and market educational materials that supplement public and home schooling curriculum.

Curriculum Factory Continual research and development of new biomes, exhibits, curriculum and materials.

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