Our V I S I O N

In 1997, a team of visionary educators began working with NASA and CalTech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to explore the topic of space as a "vehicle" for scien tific and quantitative curriculum in primary and secondary education. Under a grant from NASA's Learning Technologies Project, the team developed "Project SPACE", a groundbreaking resource center for American educators. The center develops innovative curriculum ideas for science and math topics using laboratory experiments and current digital, robotic, sensor and com munications technologies.

Over 400 primary and secondary educators in Southern California have been inserviced by the Project SPACE team.The team has begun building a library of curriculum "modules" that sets a new paradigm for interactive learning within recognized state and federal science and math standards.

Based on the proven demand for their product, the Project SPACE team believes it is time to define the next logical step in learning evolution - the Lightspeed Learning Adventures.

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