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Pixelsmiths reacquires comedy.com

Glendale, CA, May 2001 --
A little more than one year after it's sale comedy.com is purchased back from internet startup Z.com.

Z.com which announced that it's doors would be closed due to funding difficulties, brought about by the market downturn which affected so many other "dot.com's." About the re-acquisition of comedy.com Kenneth G. Stickney, President of Pixelsmiths had this to say, "We started comedy.com because we loved comedy, and we had a commitment to comedians, clubs, and comedy fans. Sadly Z.com was not able to continue in the current market conditions, and comedy.com went off-line for a short time. We just could not stand to see it like that. We intend to keep the commitment that we made so many years ago."

In keeping with that promise, Pixelsmiths has re-acquired comedy.com and has begun redesign of the site. Along with the purchase of the website, Pixelsmiths has re-hired the entire original staff that created comedy.com from the beginning. Welcome home comedy.com

Contact Info: Kenneth G. Stickney kens@pixelsmiths.com


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